Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Stance on Dragons and Werewolves

I'll be honest, not that I'm a liar or anything but so long as you're here and scanning my blog then perhaps I could do my best not to bend the truth. I don't particular like dragons, or werewolves. I dislike dragons more than werewolves, but would cringe at a situation where I'm forced to deal with either one exclusively.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

3 Arm Sally

    You have no idea what lengths David Wong will go through to make the world of John Dies at the End fit into reality. I'll be posting my review of the novel, John Dies at the End, somewhere soon, but until then I invite you to their twisted dimension. To appreciate JDatE fully you'll have to, of course, buy the book and read it. Otherwise the website, the band (3 Arm Sally) or anything related to John Cheese (The guy who dies, at the end...sorta) and David Wong (Main character of book, and writer of book, and writer at will be lost to you.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

My Terribly Un-Geeky Secret

I've decided, and this wasn't an easy decision, to let the world in on something that could very well shatter any geek credibility I've built up over the last decade.

I, J. T. Stiver, love american football.

From my quasi-rocker hardcore lifestyle in my teens up until about three or four years ago, I'd secretly played the Madden video games. I was delusional of course, believing that if I didn't actually WATCH football on TV I was safe from scrutiny, oh how naive I was once. But then something happened, this year I started watching the NFL Draft and I rooted for Ndamukong Suh as he was selected by the Detroit Lions and I released I LIKED the Lions, I wanted them to win after having some of the worst back to back seasons in the history of the league. I fell in love with a lot of the story lines, I found villains, and heroes, I found everything I loved in RPGs played out right infront my eyes with the Fantasy Football.

Nigerian Nightmare
Throughout this season the Cowboys broke my heart, the Eagles showed me new and exciting ways one team can completely butcher another team, found slow and painful hatred towards Aaron Rodgers as he pried apart with a savage glee everything I love, and realized that maybe...just maybe....Donvan McNabb isn't as awesome as I thought he was. These feelings, I've had to keep to myself, because one of the heartbeaking things of being a closet jock, which sounds like of like a sexual maneuver, is that all your geeky friends will not understand a word you just said.

Most don't even know how many points are in a touchdown, and all have never understood the awesome that was the Nigerian Nightmare.

I feel better now. It's all out in the open. I play and watch american football, and I don't feel bad about it. Not anymore.