Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Welcome Back Stiver

Days until Con : 23

Enough! I'm tired of not being able to post as frequently and I'm taking a stand. For the next 23 days I will keep this thing updated because I made a solem vow, to myself, and though the promises I attempt to keep to myself don't always pan out this will sure as hell will.

Besides, I just got an email from someone who was inspired by what I'm doing and things like that deeply touch me. Because I have become passionate about helping people taking care of themselves and helping them get into a position where they look and feel wonderful, a place I've recently just arrived at.

The feedback from my latest experiences out in the wild have been nothing short of emotionally awesome. So it's back to posting every day, back to the super awesome exercising (did some stupid awesome exercising for the last two days) and just doing everything that feels right and good in the world.

Since it's been a minute let me fill you in.

I've been taking my new found health, opening the doors and taking it for a test spin, not being a whore or anything like that, but you know going out there and being seen. Also testing my willpower against that bitter struggle against the super tasty bad for you foods.

And winning, because I own face like that.

You cannot believe how addictive it is to see people you haven't hung around in awhile and they say "wow" or "you got skinny". Yes, I can see how this can transform guys into d-bags, but I remain firm on being a nice guy who made a healthy choice in his life. Also, the temptations of eating unhealthy simply aren't there.

It's like quitting smoking though. (Which I've also struggled on)

There's always the yearn, that flamilar comfort and nostalgia of great food or a good smoke, but overall it's just not worth it. I shared a red velvet cake with three people, and that was okay. That use to be unheard of. I drink water with every meal now, WATER, I barely knew what that was last year other than it's a component necessary in coffee making.

I eat better foods while others around me gorge on the stuff I use to believe to be righteous and necessary. Did I just compare delicious food to religion? How far off am I really? Anyways, like cigarettes, there's this place you go to when you remember the moments fondly but accept the entire experience as negative. I do sometimes enjoy and indulge without shame yet I don't let it become habit. In one of the many health related postcast I listened to it was said that losing weight is simply exercising, eating right, and making it your lifestyle for at least 60 percent of the time.

I believe it.

Through my journey I've definitely indulged and got off track, but never so much that I couldn't get back on. Had I completely surrendered my entire diet or body to a restrictive plan I think I would've failed this entire thing. But I've lost a total of 51 pounds, and while that's not as much as some of the other weight lost stories, it's been a world of difference to me.

Now I have 23 days to finish the job. Roughly 10 pounds to lose, which use to seem like such a daunting task, now it's merely a fly I shoo away. Then I'll enter Dragon Con a man of 190 pounds, something that hasn't been seen since high school.  Long term I should be settled in at 175, which about 5 months ago seemed like an impossible dream but I now realize it's something I'll have accomplished by Christmas.

Happiness with myself and life, a gift I seemed to have opened early, because I deserve it.


  1. Welcome back indeed! 10 more pounds...you can do that in your sleep. Get it!

    Also...*sharing* a piece of red velvet cake? I doubt I'll ever possess that much self control haha.