Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Because I Can't Think of a Better Title.

Days until Con : 51

It's a bit late, and I've had a weird day of sleeping, coffee, and writing. So I'm not exactly in the mood for an all out topic to discuss. But I would, however, like to show you some of the progress I've made. It's hard to tell on my Path to Con section, so I've put together a few photos comparisons.

In a way this has been extremely motivating (and slightly shamefull) as I haven't really looked back at it all until now. It's like the older photos aren't really me at all...


Me. Sometime in 2010
Me. Sometime in 2009
So take a look at these, one from 2009 and one from 2010. Compared with the above current pic and wow. I mean, I didn't realize how different my face looks.

That's all. I have some shirtless photos I've been documenting once a month and I'm debating on showing those but it's kind of embarrassing showing some skin on the internet. It's one thing to proclaim you're fat and doing something about it, it's another to show your giant belly progression to the world.

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