Thursday, June 16, 2011

Down With Toast.

Days until Con : 77

I'm cat sitting this week. I'm not exactly sure what I'm suppose to be doing, because cats are very self sufficient animals. Feed them. I know that one, it was on the instructions my mom left. It should survive so I'm not too worried about it.

Anyways, I've done very well with my Paleo diet thus far but I'm less than optimistic about it becoming a stable thing. Course I should probably give it more time before I leap to such assumptions, but it's just a feeling I have. I'm very proud of my ability to not order breads or highly processed things.

Also I'm surprised, shocked even, at people's reaction when I choose not to have toast.

Waffle house just isn't equipped for this response. It's not part of their training, it's not in any manual or make a customer happy video. I order 4 eggs, and that's it. But every waitresses refuses to believe i don't want their butter drenched toast. They ask me, "white or wheat toast?" I say, "neither" they now attempt bribing me out of my decision with pricing, "it's the same price with toast. Might as well get it." I say no. What happens? They bring it out anyways as though they'd pushed the alien notion out so completely that what she'd written down on the ticket (no toast..) she can no longer see because her mind blocked it out of existence.

Everyone gets the toast. Everyone loves the toast. Eat the toast or we'll call the cops.

I don't want your toast, stop peddling your carbs and scramble me some eggs! They don't bat an eye if you want a sandwich without "garden" but the moment you refuse toast the place gets silent. Like you made a racist comment or pushed around a disabled orphan. I just don't want toast and now I'm fighting for something, I'm making a social statement, I'm standing by my convictions.

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